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Not a diet and not just a meal plan-- A genuine friend who cares about YOU!

Use our online education and in-person session's to transform and energize your life.

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Our Mission

PR Lifestyle

     Ready to make a permanent change? PR Wellness provides individuals who have major weight loss goals with personalized, holistic nutrition programs and accountability support, helping them take control of their health, as well as providing the education necessary to live healthily for life.
     We utilize advanced data monitoring tools and experienced coaches, to track weight, muscle mass, and body fat percentage while offering delicious food ideas and genuine care and support to ensure optimal results and our client's well-being.
Results That Last 
     Our coaches strive to not only ensure client success, but also empower each individual with the knowledge necessary to continue living a healthy life forever.    
     PR Wellness is dedicated to helping you understand your unique lifestyle, wants, and needs so that you can optimally navigate day to day life, and have a plan for success that allows you to live a healthier and happier life. 

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Happy Clients

I have tried every diet. This didn't feel like one at all to me. It was more like having a friend give me really good recipes for the week. I lost 20 lbs of fat and I didn't feel deprived at all

Terry, 52

As a triathlete. I couldn't understand how despite all my training I felt like I was gaining weight and feeling slow. With PR Wellness I learned that I wasn't eating enough calories. We almost doubled my calories and I got in the best shape of my life and crushed my triathlon goals!

Layne, 48

I brought my 16 year old daughter in for education. She didn't need to lose weight but I felt like she may have been picking up some scary habits from friends and social media. It was the best experience. It helped my daughter have a healthy relationship with food and realize that she can eat a lot more than she thought. I highly recommend a few sessions for all teen girls!

Andrea, 48

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